A special session for younger children

A pre-school toddlers water play session that will last up to 2 hours and include a variety of different activities. This is all done in a safe environment where the water pressure is reduced and the powerful water features have been disabled.
  • Normal splash slides
  • Fishing games
  • Play boats & buckets
  • Paddling pools
  • Inflatables
  • Free squash and biscuits for the children

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*Tiny & Small Clangers will be appearing for a special "after-splash" meet & greet in Splash Tots sessions at Splash Zone, Warrington. Fridays from 6th March - 8th May 2020!

To avoid disappointment or delays we recommend that you book your Splash Zone time-slot online. Splash Tots is available Friday (12 - 4pm) throughout term time dates. 

Please remember to check opening times and dates before your visit.

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What you say about Splash Zone

“Absolutely brilliant my 2 year old son loves it. Will definitely be coming back.”

Tania Radford

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