A special session for younger children

A pre-school toddlers water play session that will last up to 2 hours and include a variety of different activities. This is all done in a safe environment where the water pressure is reduced and the powerful water features have been disabled.
  • Normal splash slides
  • Fishing games
  • Play boats & buckets
  • Paddling pools
  • Inflatables
  • Free squash and biscuits for the children

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*Tiny & Small Clangers will be appearing for a special "after-splash" meet & greet in Splash Tots sessions at Splash Zone, Warrington. Fridays from 6th March - 8th May 2020!

To avoid disappointment or delays we recommend that you book your Splash Zone time-slot online. Splash Tots is available Friday (12 - 4pm) throughout term time dates. 

Please remember to check opening times and dates before your visit.

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What you say about Splash Zone

“We went today for splash tots for the first time, my daughter absolutely loved it! The staff were amazing, they really enjoy their job and it shows! Me and my daughter will be returning for more splash tots ”

Sarah Aghakhanieyan

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